MP3 and Intellectual Property

about this site 

This section explains why this site was created, and gives recommendations as to how to use it.


This section introduces the content of the site.

what is mp3?

This section gives a brief, pseudo-technical description of MP3 as well as a very brief description of MP3 players and MP4.

the battle between the riaa and diamond multimedia

This is a synopsis of the lawsuits, arguments, and settlement. This court battle is important because in the arguments presented by the two sides, one can see the nature of the tensions between the music industry, primarily the big five record companies, and those who support MP3 technology. The settlement of the lawsuits seems to mark the beginning of a change in this tension. The two sides beginning to work together in order to optimize the benefits of digital music.

a copyright paradox and (over)reactions to it

A debate over the role of copyright in Internet publishing often seems to take place two extreme positions. One the one hand, there is the argument that cyberspace should be free from copyright. On the other hand, some argue for an expansion of copyright. This section explores these arguments, describes what the Internet my be like if either of these positions came to be a reality, and offers a solution.

the french lesson

This is a atory about how the french had to learn the hard way about to what extent copyright law is best applied.

alternative business models

This section describes ways mp3 files can, are, and perhaps should be offered to the public. Specific models discussed include trusted systems, promotional/bootlegging model, sponsorship, subscription, and adult entertainment models.


This section contains an annotated bibliography of the sources used to gather information while doing research for this project, many are linked. Intended to be used as a resource for further, specific exploration of the topic during or after looking through the site.


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