About This Project

This website was created for Howard Besser's class, Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks (IS 246), at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, department of information studies. I have organized it so that it may be helpful to those doing research on a related topic. Because it is made up entirely of text, I have attempted to structure it in such a way that one can either read straight through all of it or simply find what they want, read about it, and find more information elsewhere if they like. I have broken down the main topics on the home page. Within these topics I site specific works. These citations are linked to the "sources" page. The idea is that a reader will be interested in something in particular within one of the topics. He/She will follow the link of my source for this information to the annotated bibliography on the sources page. After reading more about this source, if the reader likes, he/she may follow a second link directly to the source to learn more. Unfortunately, not all of these sources can be found on the internet. Also, the links page is included so that one may explore general areas, or even try out the technology for themselves.