Impact of New Information Resources:
Multimedia and Networks
Winter 1995 Homepage

The Winter 1995 version of the course "Impact of New Information Resources:Multimedia and Networks" was a distance learning course taught simultaneously in Ann Arbor and Berkeley by Howard Besser.

To get an idea of what this course was all about, read the description, some major course themes and questions, and/or the syllabus. You may also wish to look at the Web documents created for earlier versions of the course.

What We Did In This Course

Of course, we had assignments, including reading newspaper articles and completing term projects.Take a look at our homepages to find out a bit about us. Read our essays for more formal considerations of distance learning and other issues associated with this course. We took part in discussion groups to work in a more in-depth fashion on particular topics. Sometimes, guests came to speak to us.

And now a word from our sponsors:

Funding for the Distance Learning aspects of this class was provided by the Kellogg Coalition on Reinventing Information Science, Technology, and Library Education.

Documents written after the course was over

Histories and evaluation of the course experience
Last but proverbially not least, student assistants were responsible for any number of things from facilitating discussions to designing Web documents like this one.

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