Michael Joyce

Author Michael Joyce of Vassar College is interested in the confluence of hypertext, virtual reality, and reading and writing. On Friday Jan 20, he gave an informal guest lecture to Howard Besser's class: Impact of New Information Resources (taught simultaneously in Berkeley and Ann Arbor via distance learning).

Joyce is the author of a hypertext fiction, "Afternoon, a story," published by Eastgate Press. This work, for reading on a computer, allows the reader to move throughout the story interactively, or as one reviewer said, "It is as if you are having a series of meandering conversations with the characters...a lyrical, poetic, stream-of- consciousness type of novel."

Joyce is the Randolph Distinguished Visiting Professor of English at Vassar College. Previously, he was Pew Visiting Professor of Hypertext Media, Culture and Technology at Vassar. Joyce's roots are in Michigan, where he was associate professor of language and literature and is coordinator of the Center for Narrative and Technology at Jackson Community College.

Joyce's most recent book, "Of Two Minds: Hypertext Pedagogy and Poetics," has been published by the University of Michigan Press. His essays on hypertext theory and pedagogy are primary texts in those fields.

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