IS 246, UCLA  Fall 1999
Wed 17:00-20:00, 121 GSE&IS Bldg
taught by Howard Besser

General course information

  • Course description
  • Weekly class topics and schedule
  • Requirements and assignments
  • a few theories and concepts
  • Working group sites
  • Papers and Projects
  • Weekly newspaper articles
  • Course readings in print form
  • permission form to post student work
  • Office Hours Wednesday 4-5 in 241 GSE&IS Bldg and by appointment
  • NOTE: If you want to get email about the class (which you will need to do if you are taking the class), at the beginning of the term you will need to send an email message to requests@lists.gseis.ucla.eduMake sure that the return address for this message is your own personal email account.  In this message you need to put the words "subscribe IS-246 yourname" in either the subject or the body of the message.  (Put your own name in place of yourname.)
  • From previous versions of this course

  • Other course resources from Spring 1997 class ,
  • Potential topics to be covered from Spring 1997 class ,
  • Course syllabi from Fall 1998 class, Spring 1999 class, Spring 1997 class
  • Student papers and projects from this course through Fall 1998
  • Working group topics from Spring 1997 class; Fall 1998 class
  • Sample final projects from Fall 1998 class, Spring 1999 class, Spring 1997 class
  • Some talks students were asked to attend:

  • Fri Oct 22, 9-noon, USC's Kerckhoff Hall, Infiltrating Digital Systems: Rebels, Mavericks and Viruses
  • Tues Oct 19, 5:30-6:30, USC's Annenberg Auditorium, The Future of Digital Design, featuring Doug Rushkoff, Richard Saul Wurman, John Warnock, and others (a very distinguished and interesting group of speakers)
  • Thurs Oct 14, 3-5 PM, room 111 GSE&IS Bldg:  Textbook Methodology Confronts Reality in Digital Libraries: Observations from Studies of a Multi-Site Digital Image Distribution Project by Howard Besser



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