Likely Requirements and Assignments for Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks

taught by Howard Besser

Course Requirements

  • 10% Multimedia Programs (Short) Paper: Review a multimedia program and analyze it from at least one of the following perspectives: its language and structure, educational potential, user interface design, etc. Or you may design a multimedia program. Or you may plan for the set-up of a multimedia production center. With permission of instructor, you may substitute a paper on another topic.
  • 40% Term Paper/Project: Do a term paper or project on some aspect covered in class. This may be a follow-up to one of your earlier exercises/papers/group discussions. Please check your proposed topic with the instructor before the middle of the semester.
  • 50% Class and Working Group Participation: Includes class discussions, working groups, maintaining a group Web site, participation in online discussions, questions to outside speakers, interaction with other student presentations, short assignments, science fiction viewing reports, etc.


    Examine Multimedia Programs All students will examine at least one multimedia program. You may substitute a paper on another subject for your multimedia programs paper, but you must still examine a multimedia program and be prepared to discuss it in class. If interested in such a substitution, please discuss with instructor.

    During the course of the semester, all students will watch at least two science fiction films and report back to the class (and/or discuss these within their focus groups):

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