Fall, 1994 Creative Arts Focus Group

LIS 296 Impact of New Information Technologies, Multimedia and Networks

The goal of this group will be to create a Web page for access to Museum sites on the World Wide Web. While there are already several good collections of Museum sites, art exhibits, etc., this page will be intended to provide more structure for access to these sites. Museum information will be divided according to topic, such as Natural History, Science and Technology, Fine Arts, etc. The user will also be able to decide what type of information s/he wants, and can choose to view exhibits only, or to find other kinds of Museum information.

The first stage of the project is to collect as many web sites as possible. These sites must be the product of either a Museum or Library; we are not including art exhibits that do not originate from Museums. Here are some of the starting points we have for finding these sites:

Note that these are lists of lists, so sites like "Le Louvre" and the Library of Congress Exhibits are included here. Take a look!

As we collect sites, we will be taking down certain types of information about them and feeding our results into a database. We will then be able to query the database in order to create different web pages and provide a variety of different means for access to these sites.

Other Activities

The members of this group are:

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Please contact us if you have any comments or Web sites to recommend.

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