Information Longevity

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Compiled by Howard Besser

Key Information Sources

  • Preserving Difficult Electronic Works: Moving Images, Websites, and Electronic Art, Powerpoint slides of Howard Besser's May 2, 2004 talk at Pratt University
  • Recent Digital Longevity Activities, Powerpoint slides of Howard Besser's December 8, 2001 Talk to meeting of National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage at the Getty Center in Los Angeles
  • Longevity Issues for Electronic Literature, Powerpoint slides of Howard Besser's April 6, 2002 Talk to meeting of Electronic Literature Organization in Los Angeles
  • National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program
  • The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program was established by Congress to "develop a national strategy to collect, archive, and preserve the burgeoning amounts of digital content, especially materials that are created only in digital formats, for current and future generations." As an initial step, the Library of Congress scheduled a series of meetings with various stakeholder groups from the technology, business, entertainment, academic, legal, archival, and library communities. Background papers were commissioned to give "environmental scans," for the meetings. These papers are available on the new NDIIPP web site together with a summary of background findings and a summary of the meetings.
  • Library (of Congress) Announces Approval of Plan to Preserve America's Digital Heritage, February 14, 2003 press release (and Plan Approved To Save U.S. Digital History, Washington Post, February 15, 2003)
  • Council on Library & Information Resources, Building a National Strategy for Digital Preservation: Issues in Digital Media Archiving
  • Reports & Papers  (Mainly Background Environmental Scans)
  • Peter Lyman, Archiving the World Wide Web
  • Dale Flecker, Preserving Digital Periodicals
  • Samuel Brylawski, Preservation of Digitally Recorded Sound
  • Frank Romano, E-books and the Challenge of Preservation
  • Mary Ide, Dave MacCarn, Thom Shepard, and Leah Weisse, Understanding the Preservation Challenge of Digital Television
  • Howard D. Wactlar and Michael G. Christel, Digital Video Archives: Managing through Metadata
  • Papers and Analysis of Problems, Guides

    Longevity-related Projects

    Other Sources, Position Papers, etc.

    Sites for General Conservation/Preservation/Longevity Information