Digital Collections of Still and Moving Images

Info Studies 287-1, Film/TV xxx,  UCLA  Winter 2000

Tues 18:00-21:00, 111 GSE&IS Bldg

taught by Howard Besser 

This course examines the special problems posed by computer-based photographic and moving image collections. Students will learn about issues and trade-offs involved in scanning, descriptive textual information, retrieval, and maintaining accessibility over time.  We will look closely at the Internet Archive's current efforts to preserve and provide access to moving image material, and the work done in this class may help contribute towards the Internet Archive's success in this area.  And we will examine and contribute to an ongoing project to preserve and provide access to the multimedia electronic art of the Electronic Café International.

General course information

  • Weekly class topics and schedule
  • Grading
  • Required reading (cheap and available from Getty Trust Publications):  Besser, Howard and Jennifer Trant. (1995). Introduction to Imaging: Issues in Constructing an Image Database,  Santa Monica: Getty Art History Information Program
  • a few underlying ideas and background theories and concepts
  • Office Hours Tuesday 5-6 in 241 GSE&IS Bldg and by appointment
  • for a course that resembles this in some ways, see Howard's University of Michigan Fall 1995 class  (this course will be considerably different, but there will be a significant amount of common curriculum)
  • NOTE: If you want to get email about the class (which you will need to do if you are taking the class), at the beginning of the term you will need to send an email message to requests@lists.gseis.ucla.eduMake sure that the return address for this message is your own personal email account.  In this message you need to put the words "subscribe IS-287 yourname" in either the subject or the body of the message.  (Put your own name in place of yourname.)
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