February 7, 1996

Media Briefs


A task force formed by agencies and advertisers to address new media has issued goals to insure consumers' privacy in interactive marketing transactions and communications.

The Coalition for Advertising Supported Information and Entertainment, also known as Casie, had assigned a committee to develop the goals after consumer privacy was identified as an important issue in the development of new media. The goals include identifying interactive electronic communications that come from marketers, notifying consumers if personal information they supply will be shared and offering them the option that such information not be shared and enabling the consumer to obtain, correct or delete any personal information that marketers gather.

The coalition was formed by the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Association of National Advertisers. "Casie believes it is critical to establish privacy goals early if the interactive media are to reach their full potential," said Dan Jaffe, executive vice president of the advertisers association.

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