February 5, 1996

Controlling the Internet, Chinese Style

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  • China Issues Rules to Control Internet
    China's provisions on regulating Internet use, which were signed by Prime Minister Li Peng on Feb. 1 and issued yesterday.

  • All computer information networks making international connections must use a channel designated by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.
  • All networks will be supervised by one of four branches of Government: the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (general), the Ministry of Electronics (computer companies), the State Education Commission (universities), the Academy of Sciences (scientific research).
  • Any organization applying for an Internet node must have:

    1) Legal status;

    2) Appropriate equipment and technical personnel;

    3) Perfect safety and security control measures;

    4) Other conditions conforming to relevant laws, rules and regulations.

  • No organization or individual may engage in activities at the expense of state security. Producing, retrieving, duplicating or spreading information that may hinder public order are forbidden. Obscene and pornographic materials are also banned.
  • The regulations take effect immediately.

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