Internet Indecency Given Blow By DAMN Action

NASA On Receiving End And Needs New Heads

WASHINGTON, April 1, 1996 (NEWS)* Today, the moral crusaders, who battle indecency as they see it in all corners of society, successfully got an injunction to to pull the plug on several NASA World Wide Web sites and to throw several top NASA officials into jail. The spokesperson for Decency And Morality Now (DAMN), Chastity Belt, commented, "The Communications Decency Act of 1996 clearly states that anything on the Internet depicting or describing sexual matter in patently offensive ways as determined by contemporary community standards is illegal. One must admit that the mere mention of the planets Uranus and Venus bring immediately to mind certain parts of the human anatomy used for excretory and sexual purposes. Alone, that is not necessarily offensive (though we would urge the scientific community to give them less suggestive names), but, when you consider talk about these two planets running around all the time, it creates a sense of promiscuity in the populace. Not only that, these planets do the unspeakable... their own Sun is the central object of their immoral acts. The very thought or mention of such incestuous matters is enough to make a normal person sick, but NASA had actual photos of the sinful acts displayed for all the world to see!!! And this planetary frolicking wasn't the only instance of indecency on these sites. Indeed, there were several sites depicting rockets that were clearly phallic symbols and they were constantly referring to how much thrusting these rockets are capable of. This is not appropriate material for our children to stumble across on the Internet at all. Our next move will be to remove this trash from every corner of society, especially our public schools!!! We might as well be teaching evolution as scientific fact if we're going to allow this pornographic imagery into our science classes. This is the first blow in the war against smut. We will blow much more before our job is finished."

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