Jeff's Statement

So, you really think you want to know what I think on these topics? Don't feel alone. I'd like to know too.

Most of the time I am a cynic when it comes to government and public policy. It seems that humans create this monster that is constantly trying to consume the populace. While claiming to be looking out for the public good, the good of the public is trampled and obliterated in an avalanche of regulations, rules, laws, and edicts. So often it seems that the masses are terrified into relenting to the will of the evil beast because they are ill-informed about issues. When was the last time the public was really well served by government? Hard to think of many, right? Far fewer times than we are likely harmed or unaffected by it, I'm sure.

Am I some psycho anarchist? Hardly. I just wonder at times if we'd be better off with other mechanisms of "government" than those we have in place now. I am not deluding myself into believing that any such occurence would be an easy one to bring about or that it is workable, but it is something fascinating to ponder. Is it possible to have a world in which individuals regulate themselves and take responsibility for their environments? Admittedly difficult given how brainwashed we've become into believe that the current bureaucracies are necessary evils. (I even find myself lulled into this mindless state of lemming-oid behavior at times.)

So, what does all of this ranting and rambling have to do with this public policy group? It seems clear to me that we are fighting the same battles in cyberspace that we have fought and continue to fight in other media and areas of our lives. The State tries to crush our Constitutional rights because some damned, fool-minded ultra-conservative, born-again Christian-type person thinks a few kids seeing a few pictures of naked people haveing sex and Bugs Bunny blowing up Daffy Duck on the morning cartoons is going to bring an end to civilization (or at least send the masses to the burning pits of Hell on Judgement Day)... and we all know we shouldn't hold parents responsible any longer for controlling what their kids get their hands on to see. (Reality adjustment: Face it, kids will get their hands on what they want to get their hands on regardless of how well intentioned and vigilant their parents are. I personally was getting access to what the Moral Majority would consider pornography well before I was legally able to do so and violence is, unfortunately, a fact of life anywhere you go. Since I don't go around blowing up buildings or raping women, I presume that I am reasonable well adjusted despite my viewing sins from, what some would call, an early age. And since I don'ts presume to think of myself as any better off psychologically than most of my fellow citizens, I must conclude that these things just don't have the catastrophic consequences the saviors of society would hope to convince us they do.)

Enough... it is clear I am a cynic, a skeptic, and a danger to myself and others. No doubt the Thought Police will read this on the Internet and decide I must be silenced for being open-minded enough to question the establishment and its practices. It will probably be labeled indescent, obscene, or some other unsavory sounding adjective to make it more bearable for the unthinking masses to take when the Constitution is used as toilet paper by those sworn to uphold it to protect the children, the society, and those who just can't stand the thought that other people have different thoughts from their own that are deserving of being thought and respected whether or not agreed with. What a joke we are at times. I'm still waiting for the funny punchline to this one, but I'm afraid there just isn't going to be one. Perhaps not so much a joke as a tragedy.

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