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Outrage #1:
Time Magazine's article CyberPorn. Although we assume they were meant to be taken seriously, we thought the images depicted in this article were completely overdone...hilarious and laughable in what they attempted to insinuate. Notice the over-dramatic cover shot, as well as the amorphous nude body (left) "getting funky" with the computer. Somehow, I think electrocution would result. We don't recommend that you try this at home.

Outrage #2:


The Super Bowl XXX broadcast was littered with references to computers. The cheesy computer graphics were bad enough, but to see a GUI-computer-like interface that would "point-and-click" on file, menu, etc., then run the graphics was a bit much!

It reminded us of CNN Headline News and their newscaster set with built in (fake) laptop and GUI like graphics to deliver certain stories.

Outrage #3:
"" (should be!!!)

Sigh. I could cry, but this ad has rendered me too cynical to weep. Prophetic statement, though.

From AT&T, the "YOU WILL" folks, fast becoming my personal advertising favorite. This little snippet is from their ad with the walking scissors. Does anyone remember "Beatrice" from the 80's?

I think what makes me the maddest about AT&T ads is the tone, that comforting, lulling approach that assures us that all these neat toys are coming to prevent us from having to worry our pretty little heads about this wacky Net world. They're patting my head and I don't like it.


Outrage #4:
PLAYBOY'S GIRLS OF THE INTERNET! (well, you knew it was coming...)


Some quotes:

"On the Internet, no one knows you're a babe...until now!"

"They are very well aware of the difference between FTP and FTD and prefer to be on the receiving end of both"

Well, wink, wink, nudge, nudge...Like this has anything at all to do with any sort of computer network. Like all these chicks are really big-time surfers. Like this isn't just a new way to dress up the same tired old airbrushed, silicone-enhanced Barbie pics they've been churning out since the fifties. Besides, as far as anyone on the Net knows, we ALL look like Ms. October.

Outrage #5:
Valvoline Instant Oil Change
MVP Commercial

Will the "Information Superhighway" analogies never stop? Now we're seeing computers and the internet extended to, of all things, your OIL CHANGE!

The ad shows us a car driving around the inside of a computer, dodging RAM chips and the motherboard (just like those Intel ads). This is basically a credit card device that stores all the maintenance information about your car. Neat technology...but we wish we could say the same for this ad!

The commercial ends with this: "Put your car on the Information Superhighway!"

Watch for this recently released commercial (now airing week of April 1, no April Fool's joke).


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