A Critical Look at How the Media Views New Technologies

Cyberwatch is a group of students enrolled in Howard Besser's class entitled Impact of New Information Resources. The class is a Winter Term 1996 course offered by the School of Information at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

The specific purpose of CyberWatch is to research, observe and analyze the way the media views and portrays new technologies like the internet. The group will be focusing on four types of media: television, magazines, newspapers and internet sources such as usenet groups, etc. We will compare content, availability and presentation of each of these formats.

Outrage of the Week!

Each week, we will be selecting an outrageous incident of the media's coverage of new technologies and/or their impact on society.

Group Meeting Notes

Meeting #1 on January 26 (Courtesy of Elisabeth)
Meeting #2 on February 2 (Courtesy of Susan)
Meeting #3 on February 9 (Courtesy of Bill)
Meeting #4 on February 16 (Courtesy of Elisabeth)
Meeting #5 on March 1 (Courtesy of Elisabeth)


Science Fiction Movies

CyberWatch Web Conferences

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