Personal Statement of Frank Potter
CyberWatch Personal Statement
by Frank Potter
ILS 604 Winter Term 1996
Taught by Howard Besser

I have always been fascinated by two aspects of human nature...the how and why of our behavior and the many ways that we communicate. Perhaps this made my undergraduate majors of Psychology and Communications a very easy choice to make, but to this day I think an understanding of these two disciplines provides an excellent foundation from which to build upon.

Technology has seemingly infiltrated our lives in many areas, impacting how we behave and how we communicate with one another. I don't believe there is much study going on as to how technology has affected our behavior and communication.

The Media Views group has an opportunity to delve into how the media communicates new technologies. By exposing some of the more misleading errors of the media, we hope to better help people understand the implications of these new technologies on our everyday lives.

We believe that people should develop a healthy eye of the skeptic when receiving messages about new technology from the media. We need to ask questions like "Who is pushing this new product? Is this new technology necessary, or is it just making someone rich? Does the media need to scrutinize itself more? Has the relationship between the media and business become too comfy, or are they now one and the same?" instead of simply accepting messages from the media at face value.

I once had a Communications professor who taught us to develop our "critical faculties" as he called them. Just like in the movie "They Live," once we see the media's message with the proper visual correction, we are empowered and can make more intelligent decisions regarding the changing world around us.

We live!