Summary Notes 5

Summary Notes, March 1, 1996

Cyberwatch: Media Views Focus Group



A homeless man living in a shanty town discovers some shady goings on in his "neighborhood"; he stumbles by accident on a secret operation that produces sunglasses that allow humans to see the world as it actually is (which, in this case means black and white with no graphic design). He finds our we are all being manipulated by a truly hideous alien race which rewards humans who comply with yuppiedom and forces the rest of us to sleepwalk through our days as obedient slave labor. Starring big-time wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, the film also includes an enormously long fight sequence.

Media Views group review

While I think we were all agreed on the fact that this wasn't the most subtle film ever made, there were some interesting little nuggets to be teased out of this John Carpenter effort. Some things that came up during our discussion: