a film by fritz lang.

germany. 1920's. cyborgs. controlling the masses.

my first impression from the funny guy in earth tones who put his hands above his hips and looked strikingly similar to an earthenware teapot. this movie took a reeaaalllly long time to make and lottttttsss of people were in it. kinda like ben hur. he talked about the themes in the movie, just like we did, but he only had ten minutes, we took much longer.

a couple musings about silent films and the live organist and percussionist. i didn't expect there to be text and, like rachel, was frustrated at the lack of text but was also not expecting any in the movie at all. the percussionist, as explained to me by my friend the drummer was having trouble at the beginning following along with the organist, because the delayed sound from the key action to the sound coming from the pipes at the sides of the theater. he did get better and i was thrilled to have live music and not have my eardrums blasted and ringing because of the noise level of some movie soundtracks. on to other things.

another point about the similarities of the replicant rachel and the cybog maria - they are both seen as sexual in both movies, one is evil and one is 'good' and desirable as an equal by a human. the desire for a hel results in the making of the evil maria and no one wants her, except her inventor who realize his mistake and then..... blah blah blah...

one possibility for the lack of women until the last part of the raised was that they were either working in the factory somewhere else or they were with their children doing the lowliest of low work which is, of course, domestic. When they were caught up in the destruction of the Machine, they then forgot their children and almost killed them and themselves and their environment. Maria and Freder, the Mediator, saved the children and united the workers with the Mind. no wonder hitler liked this movie so much.

i have something else to say about the snake and adam and eve and the pleasure of it all or not and who was who. and how the rest of it went...

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