Bertolt Brecht; "Art is not a mirror with which to reflect society, but a hammer with which to shape it!"

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Art For @ Change-
check out Bianca Kovar, L.A. Flyers - toxins, nafta, el salvador, anti-apartheid - some really excellent images...

I knew I'd find them .... the GUERRILLA GIRLS

The File Room archives individual cases of censorship.. accessible by me and you and a dog named boo...
"The process of suppressing information -of people in power attempting to hide images, sounds and words- must itself be viewed in perspective. The organizing principles of The File Room archive recognize acts of censorship in relation to their social settings, political movements, religious beliefs, economic conditions, cultural expressions and/or personal identities. The means of censorship are understood in equally broad terms and techniques, from behind-the-scenes structural censorship that regulates and controls access to the means of production; to obvious physical restrictions of single instances; to subtle, pervasive, and often invisible psychological methods."

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