i want to
read science fiction & watch futuristic movies. i haven't done this much. And reading and looking at this particular genre necessarily involves a particular kind of thinking, what Jen refers to as "reflexive", that i haven't done much either, these past few months. I consider this an english course, or possibly as howard says, a sociology course. Decoded, that means an open opportunity to think differently than in most classes at SI. I read neuromancer during the first week of the term and was delighted by what a dis-orienting experience it is to read sci-fi. i was giddy. the written words did not automatically match up with my memories, my experience. often the SF Word subverts the "meaning" typically ascribed to a word, or the qualities of an object. and the Subjects of the text are in flux as well.

Identity is terminal. The terminal is identity. subversive. pervervise. pervasive. i'm dizzy and glowing. here is fluid texts that resonate with the ways i do or do not construct--have my identity constructed.
Movies are less enrapturing. Visualizing a SF text, framing it according to one person's vision, goes against the whole potential of the text to be whatever. Having the visuals plashed out for me constricts imagination, unless i am careful. and it is constricted onuf as it is.