creative arts and critical theory

This is a page dedicated to recording the discussion and discourse of a group focused on critical theory and creative arts. This group is part of Howard Besser's Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks at U of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
Although we plan to spend hours discussing critical theory and creative arts, we see these as umbrella terms and do not plan to define them or produce a necessarily tangible project. We will be (free)basing these discussions on specific texts/images eman ating from our peculiar and particular interests as individuals (or is anyone really an individual?).

"do our psyches have bowels?" "do the spirits in the ouija board translate into the/a digital reality?" "are there differences between looking/reading text and looking/seeing images?"

  • These are individual statements of intent or discontent...
  • THIS is who we are; the images lead you to our pages and possibly our leader...
  • Links that are relevant to our concerns.
  • A Page of discussion, meeting minutes, continuing discussions, etcetra.
  • HyperNews(ance) Discussion of what else? creative arts and critical theory. Please feel free to join in!

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