Personal Spiel on Critical Theory and the Creative Arts (whatever that may mean).

In certain pleasant yet isolated incidents, critical thought can provide us with a certain link to understanding that which happens around us. Most of the time though, thinking critically opens more doors than it closes, leaving one more confused than assured. Still, there nags a feeling that we can come to certain understandings of the processes our lives take and effectively take steps to change them in some sort of positive manner. And to a certain extent we can. But essentially, I think we engage in critical thinking, be it formal or informal, because we have to, not because it brings any absolute clarity into our lives. And so I am drawn to this group with the hope of being able to dig up some ideas, explore some nether-regions, and look below the surface of some of the most pervasive issues of our time, those being related to the emergence of new digital, communications-based technologies. Studying the critical theory of serious thinkers seems to be a nice way of going about this activity.

On a different level, I have always been interested in the means folks use to get their ideas across, that's where I understand art to come into play. The writing of critical theory in formal academic settings, though often quite impressive, rests as but one way (often rather inaccessible) of getting ideas across. I am interested in both using different methods to express ideas, and on the flip-side, in extracting critical thought and meaning from ideas expressed using these methods. Often, I am consumed with trying to figure out just what I mean (or anyone else does for that matter) by the words "creative arts" and hopefully this group can explore these quandaries as well. I'm basically up for anything.