This meeting occurred Monday the 5 of February.

5 of us were present Rachel read the agenda. So we first began to work on the group statement. Of course, we could not keep our minds on one thing, so soon we began to discuss what each individual would like to get out of this group.

Rachel spoke of her interest in reading lots of sci-fi. Neuromancer and some other texts were mentioned. Becca mentioned she was interested in art (the links on the hp connected to artists were her contribution...) but also learning and reading some theory. Tom thought aloud about encorporating some leftist texts into a discussion of society of the spectacle Meredith is sort of keen on doing some general reading on/by creative theorists. Jen brought up feminism and is also interested in some general reading.

So then we thought that maybe how it should work is that after the next couple weeks, each week one individual takes responsibility for deciding on what we will talk about and maybe plans out reading or something.

It was noted that restrictions and borders may be enslaving. It was questioned whether there are differences between reading texts and looking at objects or pictures or movies.

So for next week- the meeting will be monday night at 9 pm, either at the Del Rio or Not Another Cafe, I guess we can talk about it friday. We all thought it would be a good idea to read "a cyborg manifesto", by Donna Haraway, a chapter in her book "Simians, cyborgs, and saints" which is on reserve at the library, and one or two other articles that may add to a discussion of this article. you may want to email what else you will read to the group, if you can.

Then we hacked out a beginning statement. You can see it on the homepage.
Questions for next time, after Howard discusses the news groups...
How to structure the web sites with the minutes so that others can respond? etc....