i have read a bunch of critical theory in my life, not understanding a lot, not enjoying it just for its critical-ness, really, though i am a critical person. i think i read it in order to establish some kind of intellectual credentials. i also think i read the wrong things.

i think technology and the dilemmas it presents are important to criticize. i also think it is important to look critically at the criticisms. i also am aware of the environment in which much critical theory was written, an environment, being to me early-mid 20th century, though having roots in the 19th century, which i find fascinating for a number of reasons. MODERNISM. spare and exciting in a very wierd way. i do not find our own times as fruitful, in that aescetic, desperate way, and i think reactions to technology are symptoms of the fact that we are seeing new things, new feelings, new problems, and we don't know how to handle it. Like human beings, i guess. But its hard.

I guess that is the source of my interest in critical theory, and how i can react to the issues that are brought up. i have a tendency to not be suspicious of the government thought i know i should be.

my interest in art is avocational. i think museums and interactions in them are fascinating, but they are complicated and conflicted places for me to deal with. mostly i would just rather read, though i can't stand hypertexty stuff except mola and the accompanying run with me, which are very creative in a few ways.

in general, i am conflicted about so many things, it would be hard to list them all. I don't know whether to work in a library or elsewhere. i don't know if culture should be up on the web. for whom will these things benefit? where do my interests lie? i would sometimes just rather read novels and comics and have time to go hear music again and be around people. there were reasons i didn't go to grad school...but that is off the subject....

see the next page for some other, less statement-like thoughts...which more acurately convey how i think anyway.

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