these are some thoughts that didn't go anywhere

that I'm a little embarrassed at my page, its not that I haven't thought enough about what we are doing, yet, but maybe it is, its partly not wanting to put it down....esp on the web things are awfully public. Sort of permanent in that way you say something and its gone out into the world, you can only try to take it back.

I read a bunch of critical theory in my past life, and I was really interested in reading some more. Especially because I felt it would be a chance to be reflective about and elsewhere, and I have so little time to be reflective....
I'm pretty interested in the kind of fetishistic nature of almost everything, and I think these new info technologies have even more of that around. Trying to get people to buy it, trying to get you to need it, to want it, its obviously not as necessary as food, so the better analogy's tons of it, all around.

[this is kind of bizzare. Its a little simplistic to consider this in the light of "The Cyborg Manifesto" by Donna Haraway, but I think connections can be drawn.

although, today, the 20th of February, I dont think so at all. May be those monsters are sort of like the kids who are growing up or something. Like the kids in "kids" not that I had a problem with the movie, just them individually. I don't know.]

no its not!

i just needed a place to put that link! i think survival research labs are a strange thing, but they are really very traditional in a certain sense...

Ok, I don't really know about how I feel about the whole kind of discipline of the group. I mean, I guess I feel like it is all pretty discombobulated, even tho others see it as not, not yet....I don't mean that we are undisciplined, we've done kind of a lot of reading, considering we're in library school, some pretty strenuous brain stuff, but I mean the subjects. But this is all part of the academic impulse to classify!
I want to say something about the class. For a while i thought it would not be rigorous enough, but i feel it growing in this wierd and organic way. partly it is our fearless leader, but partly it is that this kind of everyweek discussion and give and take ( i guess i take up too much class time ) is healthy!!!

and i wonder about distance learning!!!

i dont know if it would have the same thing...
what about interactivity? what about me as a cd-rom....i need a place for this...more later (to be implemented, if you don't know what that means).

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