Virtual Communities

This home page is being developed by focus group members concentrating on the issue of "virtual communities" Professor Howard Besser's ILS 604 class, "Impact of New Information Resources: Multimedia and Networks."

The mission of the Virtual Communities focus group is:

  • To define what we mean by "virtual."
  • To define what we mean by "community."
  • To explore social constructs with respect to communication theory which shape a sense of community.
  • To identify various communities which exist using online space.
  • To examine aspects of virtual community of personal interest. These thoughts are expanded further in statements of particular personal interest from group members.

Would you like to participate in a virtual discussion about virtual communities? In case this link goes down, a recreation of the discussions has been attempted.

If you would like to find out more about each of us - and our individual area of interests with regard to virtual communities - check out these links below:

We will be compiling an index of Internet resources and web sites on the topic of virtual communities

We watched two very different movies to examine how our technological future was to impact society:

We will also be reviewing various articles and books dealing with the issue of virtual communities:

This page represents many of the discussions and ideas which the group had throughout the term. We also have some final thoughts about virtual communities.

This page will be under construction for the duration of the winter '96 term. We will be adding links to other readings and information on the topic of virtual communities based on our discussions and research throughout the term. We will also be adding our own thoughts and observations on the topic. You can observe how our examination of these issues evolves by looking at the minutes of our weekly discussions.

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This document was created and is maintained by the Virtual Communities group in Howard Besser's ILS 604 class (Winter 1996).

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