This document is an assignment for ILS 604 at the University of Michigan. It was created on 13 March 1996 by Susan Howell.

CD ROM: The DeLorme Street Atlas USA

c. 1993 Version 2.0

DeLorme's Street Atlas USA is a collection of street-level maps of the US that a user can rapidly locate and display. The maps are in color and are quite detailed. Any map that can be displayed on the screen can be printed. This product is currently available for use at the Ann Arbor District Library. I printed out some maps and even with the old dot matrix printers the Ann Arbor District Library provides, the map didn't take too long.

There are various ways a user can search this product.

There are many legend features included on each map printed out. There are the basics such as US Highways, Railroads, Streets, Trails, Cities. While the maps can be displayed in color on the screen, printouts typically come in black and white. The creators of this package perhaps did not think of this. The symbols for a land mass and for open water are identical on a printout. On the screen they are simply a different color but on the printed page, they appear exactly alike. Using my map of Glacier National Park I would have no idea where the water was unless it had a name.

The rest of the features printed out along with maps. The user gets the scale of the map, the title they've given the map, the magnitude of the map, the day of the week, the date and time. This is along with the rest of the legend.

The help function of this product is pretty good. When the user chooses the help button they recieve a list of topics in a table of contents. This lets them browse to find the specific topic they need. This is definitely one of the better help functions I have seen among CD ROM products.