SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 27, 1995--Universal Access Inc. Monday announced that it will introduce the first product to search the Internet's World Wide Web -- without a computer.

WebFaX enables its users to navigate the Web during a touch-tone telephone call and transmit hypertext documents directly to a fax machine. Universal Access will be demonstrating WebFaX in the ZyXEL booth (No. 938) at the NetWorld+Interop trade show from March 28-30.

The World Wide Web has become a principal site of electronic commerce. According to the Internet Index, in the last year alone, traffic on the Web increased 2,500 percent. However, the increase in new Web sites is far greater than the increase in new users. WebFaX extends the content of the Web to users who have not yet invested in an Internet connection, as well as to countries that do not support the Internet Protocol (IP).

`The key to the growth of any new service is to make use of existing technology,` said Allen Weiner, principal analyst for online strategies at Dataquest Inc. `The beauty of WebFaX is that it extends the reach of the Internet to those who are comfortable with fax machines but might not have made the foray into the complex world of personal computing. WebFaX offers the first step in what could be a logical migration path.`

Multinational corporations have long been concerned with the Internet's endless security exposures. Patching the most vulnerable areas of the corporate network siphons tremendous resources from information systems departments. WebFaX provides access to this dynamic information while maintaining the security of its customer's corporate network.

Founded in 1994 by Michael Fredkin and Henry Minsky, Universal Access also designs custom Web sites, fax broadcast systems and other fax utilities. For more information, call 805/730-7775 or send e-mail to info(at-sign) -0- NOTE: Universal Access Inc. is a trademark of Universal Access Inc. WebFaX is a trademark of Universal Access Inc. Cyberspace PR is a trademark of Murphy, Lantz, Inman and Associates. All other brand or service marks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.


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