BEIJING (AP) -- Investigators have seized two machines used to make pirated computer software and 6,000 copied CD-ROM programs in Beijing's technology district, a news report said Wednesday.

The raid earlier this month was the first involving software piracy in Beijing, the Economic Information Daily reported. Other factories producing pirated software have been found mostly in southern China.

The CD-ROM programs produced by the machines were sold for between 800 and 1,000 yuan, or about $95 to $120, the report said.

CD-ROM, short for compact disc read-only memory, is identical in format to an audio compact disc.

Software makers have complained that illegal copies of computer programs sold in China translate into millions of dollars a year in lost revenues.

Earlier this month, Beijing and Washington signed an agreement to fight piracy of movies, music, computer software and other intellectual property in China.

The software copying machines were seized at the Beijing Xinhuida Electronics and the Keguan Electronics Store in northwestern Beijing, the report said. It did not mention any arrests, but said the investigation was continuing.

AP-WS-03-29-95 1528EST

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