CUPERTINO, Calif., March 27 -- Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ-NNM: AAPL) today will host the Apple Music Industry Day and underscore its commitment to the music industry with a series of announcements that will make it easier for artists and music publishers to develop interactive music titles. More than 150 music industry executives, band managers and artists focusing on interactive music will converge at Apple today to learn about new products and services for the music industry and to announce support for using Apple technologies in developing interactive music titles.

Much of the excitement of the day will focus on enhanced CDs -- regular audio CDs, with the addition of multimedia content -- that can be played on audio CD and computer-based CD-ROM players. These interactive CDs are expected to make a big impact on the music industry and the public. Equally promising are the opportunities for the on-line distribution of virtual concert hall tours and music videos.

`Apple wants this emerging industry to succeed and flourish,` said Ian Diery, executive vice president and general manager for Apple Computer's Personal Computer Division. `We are committed to providing the tools, technologies and support infrastructure to make interactive music possible, enabling artists and music publishers to explore this creative new arena and music fans to see, hear and interact with their favorite artists in completely new and more personal ways.`

Apple made a series of announcements today pertaining to the music industry including:

Record Labels and Artists Back Apple Technologies for Interactive Music

Several major record labels and developers announced today that they are developing enhanced CDs and other interactive music titles using Apple Macintosh computers, QuickTime and QuickTime VR, and several also outlined plans to use Apple's QuickTime Music Toolkit when it becomes available.

Among the record labels are: American Recordings, Elektra Entertainment, Nettwerk Productions/Arista Records, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Bros. Records. Artists and bands using Apple tools and technologies for interactive music development include: Ace of Base, Deee-Lite, Love and Rockets, Sarah McLachlan, Moby, Tom Petty, Skinny Puppy, R.E.M., Squeeze and Van Halen.

Several artists voiced support for using Apple technologies including Ulf Ekberg, founding band member of Ace of Base. `Apple products are the natural choice for interactive music development,` said Ekberg. `Apple has always had an affinity with artists and cares about aesthetics. In addition, the Macintosh is easier to use and gives artists more control over their creative work, because the Macintosh can be used from conception stage to finished product. For example, the Macintosh is the ideal tool for outlining a video shoot, writing the songs, composing the songs, developing enhanced CDs and designing album covers.`

`We are happy to be working with Apple and its music tools, especially because we've been using Macintosh computers for years,` said Chris Difford, founding band member and guitarist/lyricist with Squeeze. `We find the Macintosh to be the most intuitive for creating our interactive music projects, and look forward to seeing further developments from Apple.`

New Interactive Music Development Tools from Apple

Apple today unveiled new tools and technologies that are important resources for creating and testing enhanced audio CDs for Macintosh and Windows computers. The tools -- available exclusively to members of Apple's new Interactive Music Track -- include the QuickTime Music Toolkit and multi-session driver software. Apple and Opcode Systems, Inc. also today announced that Opcode's Open Music System (OMS) will soon enhance QuickTime, Apple's multimedia software. OMS and QuickTime combined enable multimedia and music developers to seamlessly route QuickTime-created music tracks to external MIDI devices such as keyboards, synthesizers, effects processors and drum machines. Apple expects OMS support to be included in a future version of QuickTime to be released before year end 1995.

Apple Multimedia Program Interactive Music Track Announced

The company also launched a support program for musicians and music publishers creating multimedia content for the burgeoning interactive music market. The Interactive Music Track extends the well-established, 1,500-member Apple Multimedia Program (AMP) to musicians, providing multimedia and interactive music information, contacts, networking opportunities and discounts on software and hardware. Members also receive Apple's QuickTime interactive music tools announced today at no additional charge exclusively as part of the program. Initial members of the Interactive Music Track include: Ray Manzarek of The Doors, Lady Kier of Deee-Lite, Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO.

Increased On-Line Access to QuickTime and QuickTime Content

In order to make QuickTime and interactive music content created using QuickTime more accessible, Apple today launched QuickTime On-Line, a World Wide Web server that interactive music developers, consumers interested in music and amateur movie makers all over the world can access. The server will offer QuickTime 2.0 for both Macintosh and Microsoft Windows, the latest interactive music information, music videos and development tools for downloading. Also, in April 1995, QuickTime VR movies are expected to be publicly available for the first time on-line on Apple's server. The World Wide Web address for QuickTime On-Line is (http: 1/4 1/

Apple Launches QuickTime Branding Program

Apple today launched a branding program around QuickTime, including an advertising campaign featuring three advertisements targeted at interactive music enthusiasts and professional musicians.

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