Companies will demonstrate video-on-demand capabilities at Supercomm '95 in Anaheim, CA -- Westell booth No. 1041 -- March 21-23, 1995

OCEANPORT, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 21, 1995--Westell and Concurrent Computer Corp. today announced a joint sales and marketing agreement to provide interactive multimedia applications to Regional Bell Operating Companies and other businesses pursuing multimedia opportunities. The applications will include video-on-demand, business-to-business on-line financial information and services, on-board passenger entertainment, distance learning,and telemedicine.

Westell and Concurrent are demonstrating their joint interactive video-on-demand capabilities at Supercomm '95 this week at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA. Westell booth No. 1041 hosts the presentation that will run multiple streams simultaneously. The main demo will feature Concurrent's menu driven, continuous video package, projected at the Westell booth using the T1 version of Westell's Flexcap(TM) Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL). Video will also be transported to an offsite location.

The Westell-Concurrent agreement combines the expertise of two worldwide industry leaders who have successfully integrated powerful technologies to provide more dependable, cost-effective interactive multimedia network solutions. Westell's Flexcap ADSL technology provides a cost-effective transmission link for transporting the unidirectional DS1 (digital signal, level one) to the customer location, over an existing infrastructure of twisted copper pair. DS1 may contain compressed data for video, or high-speed data to the subscriber, and also supports bi-directional POTS (plain old telephone service). Concurrent's MAXION/IMS(TM) interactive multimedia server today delivers up to 100 simultaneous, intensely interactive video streams in real time at a highly competitive price of approximately $1,000 per stream.

According to Rick Maule, Concurrent's Vice President of Marketing and Strategy: `The combination of Concurrent's MAXION/IMS interactive multimedia server and Westell's ADSL technology will enable customers to launch multimedia initiatives in less time and at lower expense than has been possible until now. This agreement demonstrates Concurrent's strategy of partnering with technology leaders to provide customers with a competitive advantage.`

Bill Kody, Westell's Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, said: `Westell and Concurrent have provided a solution that can reach customers now without the need to wait for a new telephone company infrastructure in the local loop.`

Westell Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electronic Information Technologies (EIT) of Oak Brook, IL. Westell is a global supplier of telecommunications transmission equipment to telephone companies and is widely recognized as a world leader in the development and deployment of ADSL equipment.

Concurrent Computer Corp., headquartered in Oceanport, New Jersey, is the leading worldwide supplier of networked and distributed, high-performance, real-time, fault-tolerant computing systems supported by technology-based worldwide customer services. The company's products and services provide real-time solutions in weather and airspace management; simulation and training; multimedia; wagering and gaming; data acquisition, analysis and control; and to its Series 3200 system customer base. Concurrent Computer Corp. has achieved ISO 9000 quality certification for its design, development, manufacturing and support processes. The company offers its products, along with related consulting, education and support services, in 24 countries around the world. Its common stock trades on NASDAQ under the symbol CCUR.


MAXION and MAXION/IMS are trademarks of Concurrent Computer Corp.

Flexcap(TM) ADSL is a trademark of Westell Inc.

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