Elan Computer Group announces WebKey: a toolkit for marketing and distributing software via the World Wide Web Elan Computer Group announces WebKey: a toolkit for marketing and distributing software via the World Wide Web

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 14, 1995--

At UNIFORUM '95, Elan Computer Group Inc., the industry leader in software licensing tools, will announce the availability of WebKey -- a new product that gives software developers a comprehensive toolkit for distributing software over the World Wide Web and via other electronic distribution methods.

WebKey introduces a new approach to distributing software products, demos, documentation and other data, while keeping track of the issuance of license keys and controlling software usage automatically.

WebKey gives software developers an easy way to take advantage of the World Wide Web without having to compromise potential software sales by relying on ``the honor system.'' The product brings software to the fingertips of millions of Internet users and relieves a company of distributing hundreds of demo disks each year.

Also, the sales cycle can be as simple as one phone call -- as the user has already had the time to install and evaluate the product. If he or she decides to purchase it, he or she simply calls the software developer, pays for the product and is issued a key for the number of licenses for which he or she has paid.

Users also benefit from WebKey, as they have access to software products any time of the day or night. They can avoid the lengthy and sometimes intimidating sales call and proactively access software products when they want them.

WebKey, using proven Elan License Manager technology, will license the software being accessed for a previously determined period of time for evaluation purposes. Once the evaluation period has expired and a company has decided to purchase the software, it places a call to the software developer and it can be issued a key that will give it ownership of the product.

The WebKey Toolkit comprises the following main components: -- The ``Key'' -- When a potential customer has downloaded a desired software product by clicking on a text field on the Web page or by anonymous ftp, the ``Key'' technology automatically performs the task of registering this user and provides him or her with a key to enable use of the desired software product -- eliminating the need to call the company for key activation. The ``Key'' prompts for information such as name, company, phone number and e-mail address. It then automatically issues a software key that grants the new user access to the software product for a time period previously determined by the software developer.

-- ``WebLog'' -- The ``Key'' creates a log on all who have accessed software from a particular Web site. The log generated from the information is a fully compatible database file that the software developer can import into many popular database and spreadsheet programs. From there, the software developer can run reports that will help to identify possible new leads.

-- ``How to Distribute Software via the World Wide Web'' -- This comprehensive guide gives software developers a step-by-step approach to distributing software via the World Wide Web including sample Web pages for the beginning developer.

WebKey is currently shipping and is available for $3,500.

The Elan Computer Group is a privately held corporation and the developer of the Elan License Manager licensing technology. The Elan License Manager has been adopted by major software developers including AT&T, Apple Computer, Motorola, SPARC International, Autodesk and many others. It is available in both source and binary forms for most UNIX systems, VMS, Windows/Windows NT and the NeXT platform.

For more information, contact Elan Computer Group Inc., 888 Villa St., Third Floor, Mountain View, Calif.; telephone 415/964-2200; fax 415/964-8588. --30--DON/la..

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