Siemens Rolm Announces First Low-Cost, High-Speed ISDN System For Remote And Small Offices; ROLM OfficePoint Provides Fast, Affordable Access to Voice, Data and Multimedia Communications Siemens Rolm Announces First Low-Cost, High-Speed ISDN System For Remote And Small Offices; ROLM OfficePoint Provides Fast, Affordable Access to Voice, Data and Multimedia Communications

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 14, 1995--

Siemens Rolm Communications Inc. today introduced the ROLM OfficePoint communication system, the first low-cost, high-speed ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) system for remote and small offices needing up to 16 telephone lines.

OfficePoint is designed to provide users with high-speed access to information, whether it's voice, data or multimedia communications, for significantly less cost than conventional systems. The new product is part of a series of ISDN products introduced by Siemens Rolm since 1989.

With OfficePoint, the increasingly large number of remote and small offices can take advantage of ISDN's ability to deliver significant bandwidth -- two 64 Kbps (Kilobits per second) channels per line -- to the desktop at affordable prices. Bandwidth is important to users who need high-speed access to information located on the Internet or corporate databases, for example.

The ROLM OfficePoint system uses up to three National ISDN 1 (NI1) Basic Rate Interface (BRI) lines ordered from a local phone company. OfficePoint allocates the BRI bandwidth dynamically based on the kinds of calls taking place and transports data up to 5-10 times faster than other communications devices, such as modems. Users can transmit data -- such as inventory information, customer orders or credit card verifications at extremely high speeds. They can access the Internet, do full-motion video conferencing, and talk on the phone, all on one system. They can share screens from remote locations to view the same information while making changes.

`With OfficePoint, Siemens Rolm takes two important steps: It offers an affordable way for business people to communicate while sharing information that exists in multiple media, and it offers a useful ISDN platform,` said Jerry Michalski, managing editor, Release 1.0. `One of the things holding back the ISDN market is gear that uses it in worthwhile ways.`

`Siemens Rolm believes that products designed to access high-speed voice, data and multimedia communications are key to delivering the power of information to the remote user. OfficePoint delivers affordable, unparalleled communication power and flexibility to that user,` said Richard H. Mattern, Jr., senior vice president, marketing, Siemens Rolm Communications. `Many users are finding ISDN the technology of choice for Internet and other data communications. OfficePoint is a powerful, economical and competitive device based on affordable, available ISDN technology. Cost Effectiveness by Design List price for a ROLM OfficePoint system with six Optiset phones will be less than $4,000, making it an affordable enterprise-wide communications tool.

Until now, users wanting ISDN services had to buy special, basic-rate phones for each line -- about $600 per phone. And if they wanted to use other devices such as modems or fax machines, they had to buy separate network terminators (NT1) for each line. At about $250 a piece, NT1s can be costly; in addition, they generally work only with serial ports on PCs. The ROLM OfficePoint system can be configured for up to 16 of the new Optiset digital phones, four analog lines for standard analog devices and an additional four peripheral data devices, such as computers or local area network servers, none of which need additional NT1s. Also, OfficePoint's ISDN lines provide the speed and convenience of multiple 64 Kbps channels without the cost of full T1 or leased 56Kbps lines, which average about $500-$1500 per month.

Using Centrex NI1 BRI lines, OfficePoint can take advantage of Centrex features such as voice messaging, message-waiting notification and off-site transfer. Optiset The ROLM OfficePoint system can be installed easily and programmed by users at any Optiset phone. The Optiset base and memory phones have large liquid crystal display (LCD) prompts that serve as intuitive guides to the system's functions. Users can therefore easily implement functions, such as conferencing and transfers, without remembering specific codes.

Optiset's prompts are available in multiple languages and show not only feature selections but phone numbers of callers, or calling line ID, where available.

All Optiset phones have programmable keys, expansion console capabilities, and access to all system features. The memory phone has an alpha keyboard and programmable electronic notebook with a 350-entry directory, one-button dialing and security features. ROLM OfficePoint The ROLM OfficePoint System was first introduced by Siemens in Europe as Hicom 116 during March 1994. The system has been highly successful, and Siemens has shipped more than 10,000 systems to date. About 70 new systems are being shipped daily.

A limited number of ROLM OfficePoint systems will be available in the United States in June 1995, with general availability scheduled for July/August 1995. For more information on the OfficePoint system, readers may call 800/ROLM123 or access the Siemens Rolm Home Page on the Internet's World-Wide Web (

Siemens Rolm plans to sign new distributors for OfficePoint in addition to its existing direct sales force and distributors. Siemens is a global leader in ISDN, from components to switching systems. The ROLM OfficePoint system is the first in a series of ISDN products to be introduced by Siemens Rolm over the next two years in North America.

Siemens Rolm Communications Inc., based in Santa Clara, Calif., is part of Siemens Private Communications Systems Group, the world leader in private telecommunications systems with more than 450,000 customers and 900,000 systems installed worldwide and annual sales of $4.5 billion.

-0- ROLM OFFICEPOINT COMMUNICATION SYSTEM FACT SHEET Key features Benefits o Only ISDN BR1 NI1 system on ISDN speed, flexibility, cost the market for 2 to 16 lines savings for the small office.

o National ISDN-compliant So Cost savings due to ability to

Interface connect up to four ISDN

Devices-such as PC cards,

network bridges/routers,

Group IV fax machines, video-

conferencing applications;

separate NT1 adapters not required.

o Four analog interfaces Single-system management. Can

connect as many as four analog

devices, such as cordless phones,

answering machines, Group III fax

machines and modems per BRI line.

Can connect as many as 16 digital

Optiset phones.

o Up to 128 Kbps data transfer Greater productivity due to:


o High-speed access to Internet

video, multimedia applications

and remote LANs.

o Transfer large data files,

E.G., 20-MB uncompressed file

in 21 minutes, vs. 93 minutes

for analog transfer.

o Automatic bandwidth Ability to use digital voice,

allocation high-speed data and analog

applications simultaneously.

o Flexible numbering plan allows Reduce number of central-office

you to assign as many as 24 lines and save on monthly line

individual numbers on one charges.

system o Interactive user prompting Easy to set up, administer and

use; system prompts, programming

and administration in plain English; no complex codes required.

o Built-in electronic notebook Store names, numbers and additional information; one-touch dialing.

o Instant call setup No waiting for calls to go

through--even data calls connect


o Calling-line identification Screen incoming calls.

(where available) o Direct inward dialing o Dial internal numbers without operator assistance.

o Transfer calls without tying

up original line. o Uniform call distribution Automatic rerouting of calls to

other extension(s) if called

numbers are busy.

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