Virginia-Based nView Hawks Projection Technology to Trial Lawyers Virginia-Based nView Hawks Projection Technology to Trial Lawyers By Lon Wagner, The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, Va. Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News

Mar. 15--O.J. Simpson, Robert Shapiro, Marcia Clark and company have drawn a Hampton Roads company into what many call the trial of the century. But nView Corp. won't take sides - in fact, it's working both ends of the famous Los Angeles courtroom.

Projection technology developed by Newport News-based nView is helping prosecutor Clark and defense attorneys Shapiro and Johnnie Cochran prepare their cases.

The company loaned Simpson's multimillion dollar defense team a liquid crystal display projection panel and a Luminator projector to help them work out the kinks of presenting evidence using computer technology. The high- resolution panel sells for $13,995 and the projector sells for $8,995.

``They're doing so much of their presentation with images,'' nViewspokeswoman Krista Lowery said. ``They (Shapiro's team) called our sales line, and when they told us who they were we said, 'Yes, let us send you one immediately.'''

Since nView's equipment isn't being used in the courtroom - like the Sony computer monitor highly visible on Judge Lance Ito's desk - the company's name isn't showing up on televisions throughout the world. But the company figured it wouldn't hurt to get its name out to a group of prominent Los Angeles attorneys.

Howard Harris, a computer consultant for Simpson's defense team, used the nView equipment to teach Shapiro, Cochran and the rest of Simpson's attorneys point-and-click methods of presenting computerized exhibits. The trial lawyers were used to the old method of presenting evidence: passing around photos mounted on foam or pointing at charts on an easel.

``Attorneys used to handling physically bulky exhibits have to become comfortable with the projection of information instead,'' Harris told nView.

Though nView's equipment was used only in training - not in the courtroom - it already has resulted in a sale.

``It was actually a short time later that the prosecution turned around and bought one of our LCD panels,'' Lowery said. END!H$3?VP-NVIEW

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