TOKYO, April 1 (Kyodo) -- Many Japanese people wonder if new, multimedia computer and communications systems might infringe privacy and cause users to be swamped with information, the Prime Minister's Office said in a report released Saturday.

The report showed 37% of respondents to a survey said multimedia might encourage libel and infringement of privacy, while 26% said that the floods of information will be difficult to handle.

Men aged between 20 and 40 showed great interest in multimedia, which will enable businesses and individuals to freely exchange pictures, sound and other data. But women and older men pay little attention to it, the report said.

The office's survey on telecommunications and people's lives, conducted in January, covered 3,000 adults nationwide, of whom 67% responded.

Despite growing expectations among industries and government ministries, the interest of ordinary citizens has yet to be sparked, the report said.

According to survey results, 77% of respondents said they have heard the word ''multimedia,'' but only 47% showed interest in the future technology.

However, many people surveyed said they hope that it will make possible new medical support systems through which they can consult with doctors from home using computer networks.

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