DANVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 6, 1995--PictureWorks Technology today announced the company has been selected by Kodak to provide the software Kodak will bundle with the new KODAK Digital Camera 40 (`DC 40`), a high resolution, low cost color digital camera announced earlier this month.

PictureWorks will provide both Macintosh and Windows versions of its unique digital enhancement software, called PhotoEnhancer, for Kodak to include with the DC 40.

The first digital enhancement software product designed specifically for color digital cameras, PhotoEnhancer offers one-step convenience and automated features. `We are delighted with the quick and intuitive tools PhotoEnhancer offers our customers,` said Thomas M. Kelly, general manager of Kodak's Digital Camera Business. `The KODAK DC 40 extends the Kodak tradition of point-and-shoot, `push the button' image capture into the digital age. PictureWorks extends this concept to the computer user by easily guiding them through the possibilities of picture improvements with PhotoEnhancer.`

Kodak's choice of PhotoEnhancer from PictureWorks demonstrates a trend in the digital imaging market toward software designed for the mass market user of these new digital camera products. Digital cameras in the sub $1000 price point are being used by professionals in real estate, education and academia, insurance, and graphic design. Color digital cameras that address these markets are gaining appeal due in large part to their point-and-shoot simplicity and automatic picture-taking capabilities.

PhotoEnhancer features SmartPix, an innovative technology created by PictureWorks for providing custom built-in corrections for a wide range of tricky lighting conditions that can impact picture quality. The same conditions that impact 35mm picture-taking also affect digital camera pictures. Glaring sun, clouds, heavy shadows, fluorescent light, and the use of flash can influence digital camera pictures. SmartPix uses a set of sophisticated algorithms that can differentiate between pictures taken in fluorescent light and ones taken in bright outside daylight, for example. SmartPix provides picture-correcting choices for daylight bright, daylight cloudy, heavy and light shadows, indoor, indoor with flash, and fluorescent light.

PhotoEnhancer uses another picture editing method PictureWorks calls `By Example.` `I especially like the By Example feature which provides on-screen visual examples for correcting common picture-taking problems such as exposure, brightness and contrast,` says Kelly. `By Example` editing offers users nine visual choices for improving photographic characteristics. Users simply select the improvement they like best by clicking on the choice displayed on-screen.

To help users manage the large number of pictures stored on their computers, PhotoEnhancer includes an integrated picture browser. Although designed as a companion for digital cameras such as the KODAK DC 40, PhotoEnhancer also opens and enhances images from scanners or stock photography CDs. The browser lets users view and sort pictures directly from the camera or from disk. PhotoEnhancer also provides direct access to all of the KODAK DC 40 camera controls so users change camera settings or download and view pictures from the camera.

PictureWorks is a computer software company specializing in imaging technology. PictureWorks develops and markets competitively-priced color image software products for Apple Macintosh, IBM PC and PC compatible users. The company's products provide users with quick and easy tools for enhancing and managing color images. The company designs products for users in both office and home markets.

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