Joint Relationship Will Enable Superdistribution of Content on Networks NEW YORK, April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), of Danvers, Mass., and EPR, of Sunnyvale, Calif., today announced a joint initiative that will enable the secure distribution of copyrighted materials in a networked environment. The partnership will link CCC's `one-stop shopping` copyright licensing capability with EPR's DigiBox(TM), an open, secure interoperable container standard for digital information distribution and commerce. CCC currently licenses photocopy reproduction rights for 9,000 publishers representing hundreds of thousands of authors of some 1.7 million titles to over 7,000 corporations, law firms, academic institutions, copy shops, and bookstores within the United States. The DigiBox standard allows CCC's rightsholders to employ a common control technology for any type of electronic material. Use of this common technology and CCC's collective licensing systems will result in lower costs, wider distribution, and greater ease of use of copyrighted materials in digital form, accelerating the growth of electronic commerce.

By aggregating rightsholders, users, usage information, and royalties, CCC provides assurances of confidentiality/privacy, ease of access, and efficiency of administration. Other participants will be telecommunications companies, financial transaction processors, and publishing concerns, who will provide the additional infrastructure needed to drive large scale electronic commerce in copyrighted materials. The DigiBox standard is a component of EPR's InterTrust(TM) virtual distribution architecture technology and intellectual property (see related EPR announcement on InterTrust).

The announcement, which was made at the 1995 Digital Publishing Symposium, focused on the critical needs of CCC constituents for technology which will enable secure electronic commerce in a networked environment. DigiBox and InterTrust provide the first general purpose, trusted electronic information transport. They allow electronic information to be launched into commercial CyberSpace with control systems which insure safe passage of the information through multiple users and points of distribution. The technology allows content providers and distributors to participate in an open environment without the constraints imposed by current applications-based electronic commerce products.

`DigiBox can be used for 'real world' networked communications, which involve not only use by an initial consumer of digital content, but also downstreaming of the content to other users on the network,` said Victor Shear, CEO of EPR. `Our technology supports all phases of electronic commerce, including currency and credit transactions, and can be tuned to the needs of businesses and their customers. And it provides all of these functions in seamless integration with operating systems.`

`This initiative will lay the foundation for large scale electronic commerce in proprietary materials on public networks,` said Joseph S. Alen, President of CCC. `CCC has always sought to protect the interests of both owners and users of copyrighted information. The use of DigiBox in our collective digital licensing system will provide the security and control necessary for the protection of the rightsholders' content, even in high risk digital environments such as the Internet. At the same time it will provide our users with a flexible method for obtaining digital materials of the type, and in the amounts, that are needed. The availability of the CCC digital clearinghouse, the open DigiBox standard, and the applications that will be created by third party developers should dramatically increase the flow of digital information from rightsholders to users.`

`It is generally accepted that content will constitute by far the largest revenue generating component of the information superhighway,` said Cliff Freidman, until last week Senior Analyst for New Media Technologies with Bear Sterns, and now Vice President, Strategic Planning, for NBC. `In order for the availability of content to be unfettered, the content producers must be able to maintain control over literary or copyrighted assets. In our view this will be one of the key bottlenecks in the implementation and deployment of new media applications. Today's announcement between CCC and EPR will begin to break the bottleneck by protecting the content creators' rights, enabling new applications to be created and generating new revenue streams.`

According to electronic commerce consultant Robert Weber, a principal at Boston's Northeast Consulting Resources, `This announcement marks the deployment of technology that will fundamentally reshape publishing and information distribution by simultaneously enforcing both copyright and user rights while creating opportunities for new business and pricing methods. The announcement also brings together the leading organization representing rights management on behalf of authors, publishers and users (CCC) and the leading developer of information metering and digital rights protection technologies (EPR).`

About Copyright Clearance Center

The Copyright Clearance Center(R) is a not-for-profit corporation formed at the suggestion of Congress by authors, publishers, and users. Over 7,000 corporations and their subsidiaries (including 80% of the Fortune 100 companies), as well as law firms, document suppliers, libraries and universities, copy shops, and bookstores utilize CCC's photocopy licensing services in order to facilitate compliance with U.S. copyright law.

CCC is the U.S. Reproduction Rights Organization and is a member of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations (IFRRO). Through bi-lateral agreements with IFRRO representatives in other countries worldwide, CCC carries out international licensing transactions involving reproduction of copyrighted materials.

For more information on Copyright Clearance Center and its licensing programs, call Kelly L. Frey at 508-750-8400.

About EPR Electronic Commerce Technologies

EPR(R) was incorporated in early 1990 based upon pioneering R&D work started in the mid 80s, and is located in Sunnyvale, Calif. EPR is a privately held corporation dedicated to the development of technologies for electronic commerce. EPR owns basic electronic commerce patents and has substantial bodies of additional patent material pending. EPR inventions focus on information metering, distributed data security, superdistribution, and digital rights protection. EPR provides intellectual property licensing, professional services, the DigiBox(TM) Digital Content and Commerce Container, and the InterTrust(TM) Virtual Distribution Architecture.

For more information, call David Van Wie for technology inquiries, or David R. Bernstein for marketing inquiries, at 408-774-6100, or send Internet mail to .

NOTE: Copyright Clearance Center and the CCC logo are registered trademarks of the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. in the United States. EPR Electronic Commerce Technologies, the EPR logo, DigiBox, and InterTrust are trademarks of Electronic Publishing Resources, Inc. in the United States.

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