ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 13, 1995--MCI today announced the opening of the networkMCI Developers Lab site on the World Wide Web (, an online source for information on the Information Superhighway and a way for developers to test their technology with MCI's live voice and data network.

`The networkMCI Developers Lab is a truly unique facility where future technologies for the Information Superhighway are tested and secured everyday,` said Chuck Daniels, program manager for the networkMCI Developers Lab. `The Web site offers MCI customers and technology innovators of all sizes a direct link to MCI's expertise and its advanced network.`

The networkMCI Developers Lab, located in Richardson, Texas, facilitates the development of information technology through a one-of-a-kind interoperability testing facility. MCI customers and developers can test products and services with a range of MCI's services including its voice network services and advanced data services such as frame relay, SMDS, Internet access and ATM.

To gain entry into the Lab, interested developers must meet eligibility requirements and complete appropriate application forms. With the new networkMCI Developers Lab Web site, MCI makes that process a simple one. Online eligibility questionnaire and application forms enable developers to submit the necessary `paperwork` from their desktop directly to MCI decision makers.

MCI has invested over $5 million to create this world-class facility where developers can test their equipment on a `live network` to ensure network compatibility and operational performance. The eight individual and secure lab rooms provide connections to all of MCI's commercially available network services and are customized to meet individual developer's requirements. Since its opening in 1994, the Lab has served as the testing site for existing and `soon to be announced` network applications from many large and small companies.

The networkMCI Developers Lab Web site, located at or at m/marketplace, is intended for technology innovators as well as Internet-browsing knowledge-seekers. The site includes a `cyber-encyclopedia` that chronicles the history of the technologies behind the Information Superhighway. A multi-media experience featuring voice, video and text, the Web site presents information in layers of quick-loading, dynamic graphics.

Developers may choose to browse through information about the lab environment, service offerings and the 1995 Star Developers Award, MCI's program honoring outstanding technology innovations. The Star Developers Award program recognizes unique hardware and software applications that will run on the Information Superhighway and contribute significantly to the telecommunications industry. The 1995 Star Developers award categories are:


-- Best Internet Services Integration Application

-- Best Call Center Application

-- Best Electronic Commerce Application

-- Best Computer Telephony Application

-- Best Mobile Services Application

-- Best Imaging Processing Application

-- Best Home Application

-- Best Telecommuting Application

-- Best Universal Messaging Integration Application

-- Best Hyperstream Application

-- Most Innovative Product Concept


The opening of the networkMCI Developers Lab site follows MCI's March announcement of the opening of internetMCI, a first-of-its-kind content-rich site on the World Wide Web that offers news, information and online shopping with marketplaceMCI. Internet users can reach internetMCI at

MCI headquartered in Washington, D.C., has expanded from its core long distance business to become the world's third largest carrier of international calling and a premier provider of data communications over the vast Internet computer network. With annual revenue of more than $13.3 billion, the company today provides a wide array of consumer and business long distance and local services, data and video communications, online information, electronic mail, network management service and communications software.


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