with intouch group, inc. for Internet Users Worldwide; online service features more than 40,000 music titles in 21 genres

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 11, 1995--The Internet Shopping Network (ISN), the first large-scale shopping enterprise to launch worldwide online commerce, today demonstrated at Internet World iStation OnLine, a new service that will enable ISN customers to sample and purchase music over the Internet.

Already known for its huge online offering of computer software and hardware products, this announcement expands ISN's offerings to the rapidly growing Internet-based consumer market.

iStation Online is available on ISN through intouch group, inc., the San Francisco-based manufacturer of the iStation, a multimedia music kiosk system that is popular in retail music stores across the United States. intouch's new Internet-based, interactive home music shopping service is the first of its kind to feature full graphics functionality, providing customers with easy access to more than 40,000 music titles from 21 genres.

To access music online, users simply click on the genre of interest and then make a selection from thousands of artists -- from the mainstream to the obscure. They can also preview music though the 14 Billboard Music Charts.

`Selling music, and every other product, through electronic commerce is an excellent way to streamline the purchasing process,` said Bill Rollinson, co-founder and vice president of marketing at ISN. `When a consumer places a music order, for instance, the product comes direct from a distribution warehouse, eliminating the need for companies to maintain inventory in retail outlets across the country. Plus, we can offer far more music selections over the Internet than conventional retail outlets, which are typically limited by space and restricted to selling only the most popular music.`

In addition to previewing music or making purchases online, consumers will be able to input relevant personal information, such as age, address and music preferences, so that they can be notified of upcoming music promotions. Users will also have the option to rate each music sample they hear. A database of these ratings will be available online for consumers that prefer to browse music that is considered popular by other listeners.

`We believe that the alliance between intouch and ISN, combined with our network of iStation retailers and our complete library of music CDs, will allow this new venture to set the standard in interactive home music shopping,` said Joshua D. Kaplan, president and CEO of intouch group, inc.

iStation OnLine will be available on the Internet Shopping Network beginning in June 1995.

intouch group, inc., headquartered in San Francisco, is a marketing information services and interactive place-based media company. In addition to its iStation and iStation OnLine products, intouch specializes in collecting customer information for retailers, record labels and third-party advertisers to create highly targeted marketing and advertising campaigns.

The Internet Shopping Network (ISN), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the billion-dollar cable television retailer, The Home Shopping Network, is the first large-scale enterprise to embrace the Internet as a new medium for conducting commerce worldwide. Launched in June 1993, ISN today offers more than 22,000 computer products from companies such as Lotus, Symantec and Microsoft; flowers from FTD, steak and lobster from Omaha Steaks International; gift items from Hammacher-Schlemmer; and other merchandise.

ISN employs the Netscape Commerce Server, a highly regarded Internet server that features server authentication, data encryption, data integrity, and user authorization, to ensure secure commerce over the Internet.

Shoppers gain access to ISN through the World Wide Web (WWW). ISN's URL address is http://shop.internet.net. The E-mail address is infointernet.net. The telephone number is 1-800-677-SHOP.

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