We meet 9 pm every Tuesday at Espresso Royale on State Street.
We also meet electronically to discuss amongst ourselves.



themes and further resources

We decided to break down and actually read some hypertext and discuss it. Theory can be so unfulfilling sometimes. We also watched Desk Set, a movie about libraries and computers made in 1957. It stars Spencer Tracy (like Steve Martin in Parenthood only better) and that whip-smart Katherine Hepburn.

Our Valentine's Day meeting was preceeded by a presentation by Nicholas Negroponte (who heads up the Media Lab at MIT and writes a column in WIRED

Experience the Postmodern Culture MOO.

Tom Turner has put together a web resource guide to critical theory and postmodernism.

Prentiss Riddle has a comprehensive page assembling resources about hypertext fiction and many examples thereof.

Read this hypertext story and add something to it (viewer as participant; blurring the lines between author/reader, etc..)

Another hypertext user-created fiction is found at Cybersight.

The Text Mangler is one of the best apps you can have on your Mac. Period. You have to convert this with BinHex but it is oh-so-worth-it. For an example of mangled text, look here.