Medical School: Opportunities for Course Projects or Independent Study

Phase I of the East Medical/Health Campus involves developing a Primary Care facility in an ambulatory (out-patient) setting. The goal is a patient-friendly facility that is also physician- and staff-friendly, optimized for a managed care environment, and one that deploys state-of-the-art information technology for BOTH clinical practice and medical/health education.

The overall planning process is underway. Program and space planning is completed. Building design has just started. The expectation is that ground breaking will occur in April, and that the facility will open in April, 1996.

The East Medical Campus builds on an evolving information technology environment being developed by the Medical Center of Information Technology (MCIT) and is differentiated as a site for

o early deployment of new technology

o technology specific to delivering primary care services in an ambulatory setting

I am looking to identify students interested in participating in a number of study groups, with physicians and staff to examine and make planning recommendations in a number of areas. What I'm imagining is that I will convene small groups (3-5 individuals) to investigate a focused problem statement, prepare a report, and give a short presentation. The reports will be posted on a WWW home page for EMC Planning and supplemented by a LISTPROC discussion about issues and choices. The timeline is to convene groups in late January, get reports by the end of March, and presentations before the end of April. This makes these activities attractive as course projects or independent study efforts, for credit. In some cases, it may be possible to arrange for paid work instead of academic credit.

A possible (but certainly not exhaustive) list of study group topics includes:

o understanding HL7, a structured representation favored by medical systems for data transport. We need to become better informed on who is using HL7, for what kinds of applications, and with what degree of success.

o design and develop a WWW home page and a LISTPROC application for EMC planning activities o develop a technology plan for a 300 square foot space that is intended to be multi-purpose and to support multi-media tools and applications

o develop a technology plan for small multi-purpose education spaces at EMC, one to each clinical pod

o investigate tools and applications that can support conferencing and telemedicine activities

o investigate tools and applications of wireless technology for medical applications (e.g., dictation)

o investigate selected tools and applications that are suited for innovative medical/health education

o investigate selected tools and applications that are suited environments where patient privacy is a high-priority concern

Anyone interested in discussing these opportunities further should contact David L. Rodgers, 4115 Medical Science I, 763-0503, or reply to