A Rose Bowl in Our Future?

By David Burkett

I began the first of these three essays on a positive note and I'd like to end on a positive note. Overall, I think the class went well and that we were able to lower the barriers to remote learning. A couple of things stick out in my mind.

The more heated the debate between students on each side of the "classroom," the more we forgot the 1500 mile distance between us. I particularly remember one discussion between Wendel in Berkeley and David in Michigan about racial discrimination. I think that it is this kind of interaction that "brings the classes closer together." It is also useful to take advantage of the differences among the two student bodies as a resource for us all to learn more than we might have been able to learn with a closed wall classroom.

By the end of the semester, I was beginning to feel like I had made some real friends on the other side. I've exchanged class discussions, newsgroup postings, email and MOO conversations with enough people to feel just as close to them as I am in many of my traditional classmates. These outside-the-class forums seems to be a trick to making a distance learning course effective.

Overall, I'd give everyone who was involved an 'A' for effort and I'd like to formally invite everyone by for a party on the way to Pasadena for next time Cal plays Michigan in the Rose Bowl!

Go Cal!