I take back everything I said last week about minimal frustration...it is growing. At the risk of putting my grade in jeopardy (when has that ever stopped you, Cathy?) I must admit that my frustration is coming from the way the class is structured , not from the content of the class, nor from the medium. There is a not so subtle one-ups-manship over what people have read or know going on in this class, which I know I am not alone in feeling. The discussions would be much smoother if you, Howard, did not need to interject an opinion after every person speaks. The discussion seems too directed, and everytime a good discussion begins, you change the topic. I realize that there are a lot of articles to cover...perhaps too many per week. We seem to be wander around in these discussions, leaving much of the Ann Arbor class wondering what we are supposed to be getting out of this. Perhaps we need to discuss fewer topics, in more depth and with less direction from Howard. I was also disappointed at the choice of Society of the Spectacle as reading material. I found it not worth the effort it took to read it and got nothing out of it. This has somewhat clouded my idea of the class this week.