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You will not be able to retrieve newsgroups unless your WWW browser is pointed to a newserver that subscribes to the class newsgroups. If you are using Netscape, to set your browser, choose "Preferences" off the "Options" menu bar, then go to "Directories, Applications, and News". Michigan students should set their newserver to , Berkeley students should set their newserver to

If you are using Netscape in a lab, be aware that the software remembers what messages it has seen, not what you specifically have seen. So you might not see messages which you have not yet read. To get around this, look at all of the messages.

Creative Arts netnews discussion
Creative Arts Home Page

Critical Theory netnews discussion
Critical Theory Home Page

Future of Publishing netnews discussion
Future of Publishing Home Page

Internet Media Coverage netnews discussion
Internet Media Coverage Home Page

Information Retrieval netnews discussion
Information Retrieval Home Page

Public-Policy netnews discussion
Public Policy Home Page: Berkeley
Public Policy Home Page: Ann Arbor

Virtual Communities netnews discussion

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