Complete Annotated Alice

Chantel Smith

This multimedia product consisted of one Macintosh disk which contained the electronic text of Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Upon assessing the book which must first be un-compressed which did take a few minutes even on a powerful Macintosh machine the book ask for your name so the book can be personalized.

User Design

This product contained many conveniences for the serious reader but beyond that this text offered no sound or the fancy features found in many of the other multimedia programs. It did contain the classic illustrations but so did the print version. This product would only be advantageous to the serious student reading Carroll's works as many of the word locating searches could be of use. However, reading a book of 520 pages such as this on a computer screen seems out of the question as the strain on my eyes was overwhelming after only 35 minutes.

There where many useful feature for people wanting to do research on this text. Holding the mouse down on a word brought up a menu that allows you to search for occurrences of that word. You can search for its first, last, previous, next, or all occurrences of any word. Features such as these seem to indicate an education use and this sort of multimedia product would be useful as a classroom supplemental learning tool. I could also see the potential in selling these disks as a supplement to the text with publishers being able to charge a little extra.

Educational Potential

This electronic book has many features which would be conducive to an educational purpose more than just a fun product. It allows users to access every occurrence of a particular word or phrase and then save those results. The user can also add margin notes and copy quotes into the notebook to add comments which can also be searched. The user can also highlight text, paper clip, and dog ear pages. Another interesting feature is the annotations to the text which appear underlined which the user can click on to get the note to that text. This feature is one of the most interesting because it is very cumbersome to look up notes at the end of the book.

Overall, I feel this program has potential only in an educational setting and perhaps for childrens books which could also incorporate sound. It has an easy to use menu box which appears right up on the screen in the note area and is fairly simple to navigate through once you get the hang of it.