The Future Readings: Technology

Title: Library of Congress Goes Digital
Author: Kendra Mayfield
Date: January 19, 2001
Abstract: LOC has digitized over 5 million historical items. Now what? Should libraries be geared toward scholars or the general public?

Title: Preserving our history for future
Author: Dan Gilmore
Date: July 1, 2000
Source: Mercury News/
Abstract: Discusses the ``10,000-year Library'' symposium at Stanford University concerned with preservation in the digital environment.

Title: Book industry takes lessons from Napster
Author: Jennifer O'Neill
Date: February 8, 2001
Source: via
Abstract: "The Digital Media Association is an organization of 30 media companies formed to educate government policy makers about digital industry issues. Addressing the panel's theme, 'What if your book were a song?' he said publishers can benefit from the lessons learned by the online music industry through the recent Napster lawsuit." Enough said.

Title: An E-book Primer
Author: Sarah Ormes
Date: N/A
Source: eARL - The Consortium of Public Library Networking
Abstract: Provides a foundation for ebooks as well as a discussion of issues as they pertain to library.

Title: E-Books Barely a Blip on Publishing Radar
Author: Reuters
Date: February 26, 2001
Source: Netscape News/Reuters
Abstract: Expensive, bulky, cumbersome ... adjectives that can never sell anything, let alone an E-Book. Despite the negetives, Jupiter research states that ebook is expected to increase to 1.9 million users by 2005. This articles discusses the hurdles it needs to overcome and current offerings from vendors.