The Future

People have been predicting the demise of libraries for years due to the rise in distributed computing, which allows easier information access for the end user. This section includes articles pertaining to technology and books, the economics of libraries, and views on the future of libraries. 




Policy Issues

Old laws are not equipped to take us from the material world to the digital world. Contemporary legislation, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, is more interested in protecting corporate interests than providing free access to information. Issues such as censorship and privacy garner greater attention today as a result of the proliferation of databases, ready access to information, and the lack of geographic constraints in cyberspace.




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-We found conflicting articles. On the one hand, articles about search engines suggest technology itself is sufficient to link people with the information they seek. On the other hand, various op-ed pieces reflect the public's personal experiences with real-life librarians and the value they provide, arguing that disintermediation is not feasible. articles on e-books are also very optimistic but it leads to all sorts of questions about the economics of libraries. Economics: the funding for school and prison libraries

Censorship & Privacy
-The public is concerned about these issues. Legislation enacted without foresight. CA court threw out mandatory filtering. Mention article.