Mission Statement

Our goal is to collect, analyze, evidence of the media portrayal of library related phenomenon. This page will serve as a record of "groupthink." We will review various current media outlets including radio, television, print and online resources.

Selected Readings

Future Library Views
January 29, 2001It's Time to Rethink Our Public Libraries

Laments the demise of the dot-coms as vehicles for "free" information. Argues that libraries should divvy up subjects and be responsible for detailed websites on assigned topics.


Stacks of reasons to be thankful for librarians

Paints a vision of the [ultimately more reliable] library as roadkill -- run over by popular internet search engines.


The Old-Fashioned Search Engine: In a Digital Age, Do Libraries Still Count?

PR for the library institution: Libraries as resources for those who can't afford internet access; Libraries offering online training and foreign language classes, and after-school guidance. Librarians as human search engines.


Preserving our history for future

Discusses the ``10,000-year Library'' symposium at Stanford University concerned with preservation in the digital environment.


Library of Congress Goes Digital

LOC has digitized over 5 million historical items. Now what? Should libraries be geared toward scholars or the general public?


Librarians As Free Speech Advocates
January 29, 2001Free-Speech Advocates Fight Filtering Software in Public SchoolsWorking alongside the ACLU and People for the American Way Foundation, librarians battle with the government about content filters required by the Children's Internet Protection Act and Communications Decency Act.


Librarians Sue U.S. Over Internet Censorship

First amendment issues, yes, but also a debate about who would pay for it: the states or the federal government?


Bush Watch!
January 29, 2001The Inaugral Style Shuffle

Laura Bush puts the coolness factor in librarianship.