The Policy Issues Readings: Economics

Title: Librarians vigilant after rare-book thefts
Author: Micheal G. Walsh
Date: February 5, 2001
Source: The Muskegon Chronicle
Abstract: Rare books get stolen and auctioned off on e-Bay. Another advantage to digitization?

Title: Pat Schroeder's New Chapter: The Former Congress Woman is Battling for America's Publishers
Author: Linton Weeks
Date: February 7, 2001
Source: Washington Post, Page C01
Abstract: Scary article about the former congresswoman's fight to defend publisher's "rights."

Title: Even in information-rich age, school libraries struggle
Author: Marjorie Coeyman
Date: February 6, 2001
Source: The Christian Science Monitor
Abstract: Author discusses the deteriorating conditions in school libraries, particulary those in low income/inner city neighborhoods. Increasing schools are faced with the need to support computer services as well as traditional library services on dwindling financial resources. Most, however, have opted to choose the latter with the belief that "Internet access cancels out the need for open stacks of books." Yet, research indicates that students attending school with a strong library program tend to score better on test. With the arrival of Laura Bush, a former librarian, most school library administrator are optimistic about the future.

Title: Legal experts assail Locke's bid to drop prison law libraries
Author: Angela Galloway
Date: January 27, 2001
Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Abstract: In an effort to save money, Washington Governor Gary Locke seeks to close prison law libraries. Legal experts counter with a claim of unconstitutionality. Will digital libaries be a satisfying compromise? Is it realistic to assume that digital resources will reduce costs? "It is possible -- some say likely-- that the program will survive in the budget in some form, perhaps even becoming a system of electronic libraries."

Title: Searches bringing up more pay-for-placement
Author: Deborah Lohse
Date: February 14, 2001
Source: Mercury News
Abstract: Discusses the increasing commercialization of the Internet as it pertains to search engines. With the faltering of the dot-coms economy, many search engines are increasingly relying on paid-placement as a source of revenue. This presents a dilemma to librarians who uses these navigation tools for their online searching.