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The image of a librarian as a frumpy, frigid, quiet, single woman who has glasses and wears her hair in a bun has been around for decades. The explosion of technology and online information resources is forcing librarians to metamorphosize...but what are they becoming? A female version of the "computer geek" or something a bit more glamorous? The following is a collection of web sites  that explore images of librarians, or information professionals, that might not immediately come to mind.

Disclaimer: Some links may contain material of an adult nature. Neither the Media Views group members nor this site's hosting institution have any responsibility for material linked to by this site.

Anarchist Librarians Web
Focuses on social responsibility

Barbarian Librarian
Personal homepage of the Barbarian Librarian

The Bellydancing Librarian
A librarian who defies the stereotype

The Image of Librarians in Pornography
Citations from a survey of hard core pornographic paperback novels. Includes some book summaries.

The Laughing Librarian
A place to laugh and joke about the library profession

Librarian Avengers
Flash animation. Audio. Visit here to vent and commiserate with other librarians. You can even buy a T-shirt.

Library Juice
Web zine that concentrates on issues of intellectual freedom and social responsibility

Library Underground
A guide to alternative library culture on the web. Categories include activism, weirdness, sexuality, and personal home pages

The Lipstick Librarian
50's theme. Get advice, beauty tips, take a quiz, and find out how to be a "lipstick librarian." Includes a bibliography.

The Modified Librarian
Librarians and body modification

Naked Librarians
Drawings of naked librarians and links to photographs

Progressive Librarian
Critical perspectives in librarianship

The Ska Librarian
Personal homepage

Street Librarian
Links to activist librarian sites, alternative press, and other items of interest

World's First All-Nude Library
So Weekly World News isn't the most prestigious news organization, but this article on the nudist library in Sydney Australia shouldn't be missed.